Rich and genuine software resources at home and abroad, the software sold has undergone strict sea election; the price of genuine software is lower than the market price, and enjoys the full-featured high-quality Service; the pre-sale and post-sales full-process technology Service support; All the troubles in the APSGO process.
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Authentic Guarantee

We guarantee 100% genuine software, select the world's outstanding software products, can bring more efficiency to your work, and bring a better experience for your life!

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Low price

As a professional software service company, our philosophy is to "meet all the needs of customers", adhere to the customer first, integrity-based, we focus on reducing the purchase cost of genuine software for users to a minimum.

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Professional Service

We adhere to the "one-stop process Service" of genuine software, from the customer consultation, product recommendation, purchase order, software installation, post-software problem solving and other processes can be refined Service.


Industry preferred software case

The practical value of deep mining software from the perspective of market and user needs

Distance is not an issue, TeamViewer is the perfect solution for remote off-site office


The ultimate solution for reference management saves time for teachers and students and improves research efficiency.


The use of genuine CAD software is no longer a corporate burden, it is an excellent legal alternative to AutoCAD.


In the era of big data, data synchronization and backup become more and more important. GoodSync allows data to be backed up in one click.

Convenient for corporate procurement

Many companies have many procurement procedures, long cycles, and cumbersome processes. Our company has complete qualifications and has the experience of successfully cooperating with many domestic and foreign companies. It can provide the best convenient and convenient procurement solutions for enterprises and solve all the purchasing process troubles!

Different corporate businesses have different ways of purchasing. But we can provide flexible and versatile procurement methods to make purchases go smoothly. Years of sales experience make us more relaxed and happy.

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Complete qualification

Our company has the legal sale of genuine software and is a legally qualified software sales company. We have multiple vendors authorized. Guarantee the software sold, genuine legal will never infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties.

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