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Home Overview AxMath Professional Mathematical Formula Editor with calculation function
AxMath Professional Mathematical Formula Editor with calculation function
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AxMath Professional Mathematical Formula Editor with calculation function
Integrating formula editing, typesetting, and scientific calculation; Exquisite layout, simple operation, and comprehensive functionality; Possess scientific calculation ability based on formulas. Supports OLE embedding, can work in collaboration with common document editing software such as Microsoft Office/WPS, and can also output vector or image formats.
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AxMath features and features

Editing and layout

  • Graphical layout settings make layout more convenient;
  • Supports point input, shortcut keys, and script input for faster input;
  • Support AMS/LaTeX mathematical notation standard;
  • Support user-defined mathematical notation;
  • Supports fast matrix templates, automatic filling, and blocking;
  • Support string search and replacement;
  • Supports note taking (multi frame clipboard), tiles, and formula libraries;
  • Supports multiple background color symbol panels and symbol panel remapping;
  • Supports monochrome and color, with customizable color preferences;
  • Editing assistance function, which can automatically recognize preset fields and correct their text format;

Scientific computing function

  • Calculate based on the formula seen; ‍‍
  • Support variable definition and constant definition;
  • After the calculation process is saved, it can be used as a computable document for next call;
  • Support addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, open roots, powers, trigonometric functions, and common mathematical functions;

Output and Publishing

  • Supports object embedding and can be used as a plugin for text software such as MS WORD;
  • Can output vector images;
  • Can be output in common image formats such as BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc;

Operating environment

  • Win11,Win10 , Win 8,Win 7,Vista;
  • OLE embedding: MS Office, WPS;
  • Plugin: WPS 2016-2023 (Personal version requires additional installation of VBA environment), MS Office 2010-2023, MS Office 365

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