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Home Overview Coodesker desktop icon organizing tool software
Coodesker desktop icon organizing tool software
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Coodesker desktop icon organizing tool software
Kudai Desktop is a desktop organizing tool developed specifically for office workers, with the function of automatically sorting and organizing shortcuts, directories, images, and other files on the desktop. In addition, it does not contain unnecessary content such as advertisements and plugins, making it very lightweight and secure.
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Cool desktop is a professional desktop organizing tool developed for office workers. It can automatically sort and organize files such as shortcuts, directories, and images on the desktop, and has no advertisements or plugins, making it very lightweight and clean.

Functional characteristics

  • Hardware acceleration

It supports the hardware acceleration rendering engine, runs fast, consumes very little CPU, memory and other resources, and runs stably in Win7+systems.

  • Topping desktop

Supports a top desktop, providing immediate access to your files, folders, and applications, helping you save time and improve work efficiency. In addition, you can also access commonly used content at a glance by creating a folder portal.

  • Custom organization rules

You can set your own organizing rules, which support wildcards to automatically organize files on your desktop or folder.

  • Folder Mapping

Support folder mapping, which can map any folder on the computer to the desktop, facilitating quick access to folder content.

  • Theme Settings

It supports a variety of theme settings, such as box Frosted glass effect, box title/label position setting, icon only mode, and hidden shortcut arrows.

  • Multi column list

Support multi column list display, select icon vertical arrangement to achieve multi column display.

  • Elf Box

Support for sprite boxes, double-click the Alt key to recall, and built-in custom folders.

  • Backup Layout

Automatically save your layout for easy recovery in abnormal situations, or you can manually backup your layout.

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