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Home Overview PhotoPad photo/image cropping and noise reduction editing tool software
PhotoPad photo/image cropping and noise reduction editing tool software
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PhotoPad photo/image cropping and noise reduction editing tool software
Whether you are a professional photographer or a regular self user, PhotoPad is one of the professional and user-friendly photo editors on the market today, with all powerful tools to meet the needs of various groups of people.
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Whether you are a professional photographer or a regular self user, PhotoPad is one of the professional and user-friendly photo editors on the market today, with all powerful tools to meet the needs of various groups of people.

  • Easily edit digital photos and other images.
  • Supports all popular image formats
  • Quickly crop, rotate, resize, and flip photos.

Overview of photo editing functions

  • Crop, rotate, resize, and flip images
  • Refinish photos to remove defects and repair colors
  • Use blurring, sharpening, and noise reduction tools to improve photo quality and focus
  • Adjust color balance, saturation, chroma, brightness, contrast, etc
  • Merge multiple exposures to create stunning HDR photos
  • Load almost all formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc
  • Using super-resolution technology to significantly change image size. Improve AI image quality
  • Use liquid resizing effect to change the aspect ratio of the image, stretching the entire photo without deformation
  • Lossless editing, easy to undo, reorder, and edit existing effects on layer lists
  • Switch the visibility of layers to view edits
  • Take a screenshot and edit directly
  • Use green screen to exchange Beijing pictures
  • Using machine learning technology to automatically color black and white photos
  • Equipped with passport photo tool, easy to create passport photos

Photo/Image Creative Deep Processing

  • Apply various art style special effects including retro, comics, oil paintings, etc.
  • Easily create photo collages and mosaic photos.
  • Use preset filters to process photos more exquisitely.
  • Create embroidery patterns and color them with photos and illustrations, you can also!
  • Easily insert interesting comments, descriptive text, etc. into photos
  • Select and insert the desired image from the massive clip art library that comes with PhotoPad
  • Add borders and frames to your photos to make them more exquisite!
  • Upload processed photos directly to Facebook or Flickr
  • Adjust the transparency of the effect layer for more detailed editing
  • Protect your privacy by blurring your face or text
  • Create and edit thumbnails for YouTube videos and social media
  • Add effects and filters with just one click
  • Calendar creation tool makes it easy for you to create a calendar using photos

Brightness and contrast

Sometimes the brightness of a photo is too bright or too dark. The brightness and contrast tools allow you to easily adjust the color range of an image.

Resize and Crop

Use cutting tools to cut rectangular photos into squares or cut any unnecessary parts. You can also use it to adjust the size of photos, making it easy to upload or print photos online!


Use straightening tools to repair tilted horizon or bent photos.

Regional special effects

Regional effects are powerful tools that apply effects and filtering functions only to selected areas. You can also use a brush to paint effects on the selected area.

HDR image synthesis

Easily combine photos of different exposure levels into an HDR image.

Background replacement and cropping

You can use the background tool to change the background color of a photo or replace it with another image.

Resize using super-resolution technology

PhotoPad uses AI and machine learning techniques to adjust image size at higher resolutions, allowing you to zoom in on photos while maintaining clear image quality.


Use puzzle tools to select background colors or patterns, etc

Combine different photos into a structured layout. Choose one of the pre designed layouts, or use a free format layout to design your own collage.

Retouching photos

Use decoration tools to easily correct red eyes, remove stains, wrinkles, and whiten teeth.

Several reasons for choosing PhotoPad:

1. Excellent editing capabilities

Easy to operate and powerful, anyone can easily edit professional photos and image editing.

2. Excellent retouching tools

You can quickly eliminate red eyes, overexposure, and other common problems.

3. Massive special fruit combinations

Equipped with various special effects and filters, you can immediately appreciate and exquisitely process any photo.

4. Perfect editing of RAW images

You can read and edit photos directly from a digital DSLR camera (DSLR). Click here to view all supported formats

5. Instant automatic correction

Using automatic correction tools can quickly fix photo brightness issues, just press the button to make the photos clearer and more beautiful!

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