WindowTop-Window Top Transparency Adjustment Tools Software



  • Put any window on top and modify the transparency.
  • Realize the functions of Aero interface blur, smart dark mode, shrink window and so on.
  • Save your operating time!
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WindowTop is a window custom setting Tools, you can put any window on top and modify the transparency.The software can realize the functions of Aero interface blur, intelligent dark mode, shrinking window, etc., saving your operating time and completely customizing your window!

  • Set sticky window

Set any window from the Tools bar menu

  • Click "Penetrate"

Only see the window without interacting with it

  • Set transparency

Set the window transparency from the slider in the Tools bar menu, and immediately View More results

  • Shrink window

Innovative method to minimize windows – it will not minimize the taskbar to keep your taskbar clean as long as you like.It will make the window smaller, so you have the space you need.

  • Dark/reading mode

It is easy to set the window to dark.Can be used for coding and night reading.This should relieve eye fatigue!

  • Shrink + real-time preview + auto move

Not only allows you to get real-time preview from the "shrink" function.Now it will be able to move automatically when it is above text or image!

  • Window anchor

A super innovative way to select windows!You can click its anchor point instead of setting the window at the top.Users report that this method is faster than the ALT+TAB shortcut to switch windows.

other information

Delivery method:

24 hour automatic delivery

high-speed download:

Operating platform


Chinese interface:

Support Chinese interface display, multi-language optional.

Release Notes:

Permanently used, sub-versions are free to update.

Try before buying:

30 Day Free Trial.

How to receive goods:

After purchase, the activation information will be sent by email to the email address when the order is placed.

Equipment Quantity:

An 3 computer can be installed.

Replace the computer:

Computer replacement is not supported. One registration code supports 3 activations. Please keep in mind the limitation of activation times.

Activate boot:

Open the software, key icon> enter product key.

Special Instructions:

To be added.



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    I just started working, and it was useless after using it for a while, but it was still very useful. I will give feedback after using it for a while.

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WindowTop-Window Top Transparency Adjustment Tools Software


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