Make buying softer and make life better.

APSGOAPSGO Mall is a network platform focusing on genuine software sales and service. The mall is affiliated to Shenzhen Soft Network Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the internationally renowned technology company Qirui Tiansoft. The company is committed to professional software agents at home and abroad, has a large number of well-known software agents at home and abroad, and deep cooperation with hundreds of well-known software manufacturers around the world, APSGOAPSGO will always meetUser needs",we promise"100% genuine", ensure that each software product is genuine, so that users can enjoy the service that genuine users should receive at a low price. Our philosophy is not only to let users buy genuine software, but more importantly, to enjoy the genuine software. Service! We promise "Genuine APSGO"Make customers' lives easier and better!"

  • APSGOAPSGO (Shenzhen Soft Network Co., Ltd.) is a new technology service and genuine software sales team in China. In the new software market in China, the intellectual property rights are getting more and more attention, and software legalization is also developing rapidly. However, when more and more people want to buy genuine software, they cannot get paid users. The Service that can be obtained, so our APSGOAPSGO team rises.
  • APSGOAPSGO is the product of China's economic rise and is adapted to the needs of the social era. current"Copyright society"It has been recognized more and more by consumers. More and more consumers are willing to use genuine software. I believe that genuine software can bring more quality service experience, so the APSGOAPSGO platform came into being.
Why choose APSGOAPSGO?
  • The rich and genuine software resources at home and abroad, the software sold are strictly selected;
  • The platform has a wealth of supply chain resources in the global software industry;
  • Software purchase pre-sales and after-sales full technical service support;
  • Ordering orders immediately, quick and easy;
  • Authentic software group purchase price is lower, low-cost enjoy genuine software full service;
  • SSL international payment system to ensure your payment is safe;
  • Enterprise users, we have a dedicated corporate customer service consultant, each customer service consultant will provide you with professional industry software consulting service according to your industry!
Customer first

Our philosophy is "Meet all the needs of customers", we insist on genuine software"One-stop flow Service", from the customer consultation, product recommendation, order service, software installation, post-software maintenance problem solving and other processes can be refined service.

As a professional software sales platform.

  • We have the qualification to sell genuine software;
  • We have a sincere Service attitude;
  • We have professional software problem skills. From the product consultation, you can give us all the questions, we can meet all your needs!
Brand story

APS means APPs, which represent software and applications. Go is going, homonym: buy. APSGO means let us use the software together to buy genuine software, so that the genuine software market can develop healthily. We are committed to making the genuine software sales industry more standardized, more reasonable and closer to the individual needs of consumers.

SproutingSmall soft"It is the symbol of our company. Blue represents technology and green represents safety and health. Let us use genuine software together with Xiaosoft and refuse piracy.

company culture

APSGOAPSGO is a fast-growing authentic software sales platform. The core of our corporate culture is: customer, integrity, dedication, elite sales team cooperation, global partnership.

  • client(Customer): We take "customer needs" as our core, and we focus on customers in terms of product sales, customer service, logistics service, and enterprise management.Everything for the customer, for the customer's everything"It is the core of our culture.
  • IntegrityIntegrity): We can guarantee the integrity of genuine software products, we can also guarantee the integrity of APSGOAPSGOService commitment, we do the platform in good faith, do business with integrity, do products with integrity, do business with integrity!
  • DedicationRespect): We adhere to the platform of doing our heart and doing the Service attitude with care, and adhere to the meticulous work philosophy.
  • team(Teamwork): We are committed to becoming a genuine software elite sales team, playing a leading role in the sales of genuine software in China, making the team the mainstay of the platform and industry.
  • partner(Partners): We insist on opening up the sales of genuine software supply chains around the world, continuously strengthen global partnerships, and strive to make a strong contribution to the development of China's genuine software sales, promotion, research and development.
Enterprise's goal

APSGOAPSGO adheres to the customer-oriented, honesty-based, platform has become a well-known genuine software shopping platform in Shenzhen, and has a certain influence in the region. The platform has already met the software purchase needs of many consumers, and strives to become a well-known domestic 3-5 within the year. Genuine software shopping platform. The platform will also be based on the perfection of genuine software.One-stop service"Process and efficiency, strengthen process management and efficiency management, and strengthen the corporate goal building with continuous competition, continuous innovation, and continuous hard work.


We maintain a close working relationship with the mass media, and we invite magazines and newspapers to regularly comment on our products. We also promote products in magazines and newspapers. We also regularly organize various types of training courses for users. In addition, we also have a professional team to promote our computer software and hardware in various effective ways, such as telephone introduction, electronic catalogue, customer interview, online speech... and so on.

  • We have professional and authentic software supply chain partners around the world, we can guarantee 100% genuine software sales.
  • We have professional media partners, we maintain close cooperation with the mass media, we will invite magazines and newspapers to regularly introduce our products. We also promote products in magazines and newspapers.
  • We have a new professional software Service technology. We regularly organize various software usage, software exercises, and software training courses for users. In addition, we also have a professional team to promote our computer hardware and software in various effective ways, such as telephone introduction, electronic catalogue, customer interview, online speech and so on.


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