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About APSGO Mall
2021-10-29 22:45:17
Make purchasing software simpler and making life better. Soft Shopping Mall is a network platform that focuses on the sale and service of genuine software. The mall is affiliated with Shenzhen Buysoft Network Co., Ltd.

The company is committed to professional software agency at home and abroad, with a large number of well-known software agency authorizations both domestically and internationally. We have deep cooperation with hundreds of well-known software manufacturers worldwide, and the software shopping mall will always meet the requirements“User needs”We promise to use genuine software to ensure that every software product is genuine, allowing users to enjoy the services they deserve at a low price.

Our philosophy is not only to allow users to purchase genuine software, but more importantly, to enjoy the genuine services brought by genuine software! We promise“Genuine APSGO ”Make customers' lives easier and better!

What is APSGO Mall?

  • APSGO (Shenzhen Buysoft Network Co., Ltd.) is a new technology service and genuine software sales team in China. In the rapidly changing software market in China, intellectual property rights are increasingly valued, and software copyrights are also rapidly developing. However, as more and more people want to purchase genuine software, they cannot receive the services that paid users can receive. Therefore, our APSGO software purchasing team has emerged.
  • APSGO is a product of China's economic rise and a need to adapt to the social era. Current“Copyright Society”It has been increasingly recognized by consumers, and more and more consumers are willing to use legitimate software. They believe that legitimate software can bring more high-quality service experiences, so the APSGO software purchasing platform has emerged.

Why choose a APSGO mall?

  • Rich and authentic software resources both domestically and internationally, with all software sold being strictly selected;
  • The platform has abundant supply chain resources in the global software industry;
  • Full technical service support before and after software purchase;
  • Processing orders immediately after placing them is fast and convenient;
  • Genuine software group purchase prices are lower, and enjoy full service of genuine software at a low price;
  • SSL international payment system ensures your payment security;
  • Enterprise level users, we have specialized enterprise customer service consultants, and each customer service consultant will provide you with professional industry software consulting services based on your industry!

Customers first

Our philosophy is“Satisfy all customer needs”We adhere to the principle of genuine software“One stop process service”From customer consultation, product recommendation, ordering services, software installation, and problem-solving for later software maintenance, we can achieve refined services.

As a professional software sales platform.

  • We have the qualification to sell genuine software;
  • We have a sincere service attitude;
  • We have professional software problem skills. Starting from product consultation, you can refer all your questions to us, and we can meet all your needs!

Brand Story

APS stands for apps, representing software and applications. Go means to go, homophonic: buy. APSGO means that we can use software together, purchase genuine software, and ensure the healthy development of the genuine software market. We are committed to making the sales industry of genuine software more standardized, reasonable, and tailored to the personalized needs of consumers.

Cute and cute“Xiaoruan”It is a symbol of our company. Blue represents technology, green represents safety and health. Let's use legitimate software together with Xiaosoft and reject piracy.

Corporate culture

APSGO is a rapidly growing genuine software sales platform, and our core corporate culture is: customer, integrity, dedication, elite sales team cooperation, and global partnership.

  • Customer(Customer)We take 'meeting all customer needs' as our core, and focus on customers in all aspects of product sales, customer service, logistics services, enterprise management, and so on“Everything for the customer, everything for the customer”It is the core of our culture.
  • Integrity(Integrity)We can guarantee the integrity of genuine software products, and we can also guarantee the integrity of APSGO's software purchase service commitment. We are a platform with integrity, a company with integrity, a product with integrity, and a service with integrity!
  • Dedicated to work(Respect)We adhere to the attitude of creating a platform with dedication and providing services with dedication, and adhere to a meticulous work philosophy.
  • Team(Teamwork)We are committed to becoming an elite sales team for genuine software, playing a leading role in the industry for the sales of genuine software in China, and making the team the backbone of the platform and industry.
  • Partner(Partner)We insist on connecting the sales of global genuine software supply chains, continuously strengthening global partnership cooperation, and strive to make strong contributions to the sales, promotion, research and development of China's genuine software industry.

Enterprise Objectives

The APSGO Mall adheres to the principle of putting customers first and putting integrity first. The platform has become a well-known genuine software shopping platform in Shenzhen, with a certain influence in the region. The platform has met the software purchasing needs of many consumers and strives to become a well-known genuine software shopping platform in China within 3-5 years.

The platform will also focus on improving the quality of genuine software“One stop service”Process and efficiency, strengthen process management and efficiency management, and strengthen the enterprise goal construction with the concept of continuous competition, continuous innovation and continuous struggle.

Cooperative partner

We maintain a close cooperative relationship with mass media, and we invite magazines and newspapers to regularly introduce and comment on our products. We also advertise our products in magazines and newspapers. We also regularly hold various types of training courses for users. In addition, we also have a professional team to promote our computer software and hardware in various effective ways, such as phone introductions, electronic catalogs, customer interviews, online training, etc.

  • We have professional genuine software supply chain partners worldwide, and we can ensure the sales of genuine software.
  • We have professional media partners and maintain a close cooperative relationship with mass media. We invite magazines and newspapers to regularly introduce and comment on our products. We also advertise our products in magazines and newspapers.
  • We have new professional software service technologies. We will regularly hold various software usage, software exercises, and software training courses for users. In addition, we also have a professional team to promote our computer software and hardware in various effective ways, such as telephone introductions, electronic catalogs, customer interviews, online speeches, etc.