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Home Overview FliTik Flip Clock Beauty and Strength Coexistence Tool Software
FliTik Flip Clock Beauty and Strength Coexistence Tool Software
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FliTik Flip Clock Beauty and Strength Coexistence Tool Software
Flitik Flip Clock is a full platform flip clock application with an elegant interface and excellent flip animation effects. The digital display is clear and easy to read, and can be easily seen from afar. Supports desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, and televisions for easy use.





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Flitik Flip Clock is a platform wide flip clock application with an elegant user interface and flip animation effects.

Even in the distance, you can easily check the time because the large number display is very clear and easy to read. Whether you use a desktop computer (Windows/Mac), phone (Android/iOS), tablet (Android Pad/iPad), or TV, you can easily use this application.

Function Introduction:

  • Supports running as a screensaver or desktop widget
  • Supports switching between 12/24 hour schedules
  • Support for switching between landscape/vertical screens (suitable for Android/iOS systems)
  • Support for custom background and number colors
  • Support for custom background images (network or local)
  • Supports clock enlargement/reduction (suitable for Windows desktop widgets)
  • Support for hourly voice time reporting
  • Built-in multiple ticking sound effects
  • Supports displaying screensavers on multiple displays
  • Can be set to display dates or holidays
  • Can be set to display seconds
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