About refund


first step:鍦ㄥ 浣沧椂闂碅 浣沧椂闂碅 浣沧椂闂碅 浣沧椂闂碅 浣沧椂闂碅 浣沧椂闂碅 浣沧椂闂碅 浣沧椂闂碅 浣曢 浣曢 浣曢 闱 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三埌锛岃 ㄥ湪镵 ㄥ湪镵 郴鎴戜 郴鎴戜 杩欎 杩欎 杩欎 杩欎 杩欎 杩欎 杩欎 杩欎 杩欎 鍙戦 佷竴浠 佷竴浠 佷竴浠 佷竴浠 https://apsgo.com/contact ;

The second step:Inform customer service order number, if you do not know the order number, please click:My Order Inquiries; then inform you of the reason for the refund, etc., the customer service will be happy to help you;


according toLaw of the People's Republic of China on Consumer Rights ProtectionArticle 9 stipulates that “digital products such as audio-visual products and computer software that are downloaded online or opened by consumers” are not applicable for no reason. Also hope for your understanding. If you have any problems with your use, please feel free to contact us.