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Home Overview CloudDrive multi cloud disk local mount management tool software
CloudDrive multi cloud disk local mount management tool software
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CloudDrive multi cloud disk local mount management tool software
CloudDrive is a powerful multi cloud disk management tool that provides a one-stop multi cloud disk solution, including local cloud disk mounting. Intended to seamlessly integrate multiple cloud storage services into one interface. Easily manage and access all cloud storage services without switching between different applications and interfaces.
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What is CloudDrive?

  • CloudDrive is a comprehensive cloud storage management platform designed to seamlessly integrate multiple cloud storage services into one interface.
  • With CloudDrive, you can easily manage and access all cloud storage services without switching back and forth between different applications and interfaces.
  • The most eye-catching feature of CloudDrive is its ability to mount multiple cloud storage services as local disks, directly accessing files without the need for pre download. Imagine that you can use cloud storage services as part of your local file system, and the convenience it brings is self-evident.
  • But that's not all - CloudDrive also offers advanced features such as fast cloud file transfer, real-time cloud file notifications, and application level permission control. Whether you are an advanced user or an ordinary cloud storage user, CloudDrive can fully unleash the potential of cloud storage resources with excellent efficiency and ease of use.

Main characteristics

  • Cloud disk local mounting

Mount multiple cloud disks to local drives as if they are part of the computer's file system. Say goodbye to the trouble of downloading files from the cloud.

  • Unified multi cloud disk management

Manage all cloud disk accounts in one place. Easily organize files, synchronize folders, and conduct advanced searches across different cloud services. Currently supports Alibaba Cloud, Baidu, 115, Tianyi Cloud, PikPak, WebDAV, and local folders.

  • One login, use everywhere

Log in to all cloud disk accounts in one place and use them on any device, without having to log in to different accounts every time.

The cloud disk account synchronization mechanism is secure.

  • WebDAV Services

CloudDrive, as a WebDAV server, can provide WebDAV services to other WebDAV clients.

  • Rapid replication of files across cloud disksPro

Quickly and directly transfer files between cloud disks without the need for intermediate downloads. Save time and bandwidth through CloudDrive's optimized file transfer function.

  • Document Change Notice

Receive real-time notifications about cloud file changes. Seamless integration with file system monitor applications for seamless collaboration.

  • Application level permission control

Fine control of file access permissions. Define and manage access permissions at the program level to ensure secure sharing and collaboration.

  • Hello Cloud Disk Service Provider

Using CloudDrive, no longer being a network drive vampire.

We ensure a smooth user experience while minimizing the resource occupation of network disk operators.

  • Multi cloud backup (upcoming)

Back up local disks to multiple cloud disks simultaneously. Automatically detect file changes and perform incremental backups. Multi cloud backup, data worry free.

  • Running on any device

Computer: Windows, Linux, macOS

NAS: Synology, QNAP

TV phone: Android, LibreElec, CoreElec

Router: OpenWRT router

Using CloudDrive

  • computer

Download and install the latest version of CloudDrive, where you can have a unified cloud storage management center on your computer and expand your cloud drive into your computer's local hard drive.

CloudDrive currently supports Windows x64, Linux, macOS, and x86_ Computers with architectures such as 64, arm64, and armv7.

  • NAS

Installing the latest version of CloudDrive on your NAS can turn your NAS into a unified cloud disk management center, expanding your cloud disk into your NAS disk.

CloudDrive currently supports mainstream NAS platforms such as Synology, Unread, Qna p, and x86_ NAS with architectures such as 64, arm64, and armv7 can be installed directly or through Docker. Synology and Qnap can also directly install CloudDrive plugins provided by third parties.

  • mobile phone

CloudDrive can run on Android phones, extending your cloud drive to local storage. With CloudDrive, you can consolidate multiple cloud disks into a unified storage space, and all apps installed by users can directly access locally mounted cloud disk files.

CloudDrive supports Android version 7.0 and above, and requires root permission to use the local mount function on the Android system.

  • television

CloudDrive can run on a TV or set-top box, extending your cloud drive to local storage. With CloudDrive, you can integrate multiple cloud disks into a unified storage space and directly call locally mounted cloud disk files for playback through the built-in player on the set-top box.

CloudDrive supports Linux based systems such as LibreElec and CoreElec, as well as Android based TVs or set-top boxes (requiring root privileges to use local mount functionality on Android systems).

  • router

CloudDrive can run on an OpenWRT router, turning the router into a NAS with your cloud disk as the content. You can consolidate them into a unified storage space through simple configuration.

CloudDrive supports x86_ OpenWRT routers with 64, arm64, and armv7 architectures can be directly downloaded and run, or run through Docker.

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