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Home Overview Elfinbook PDF Easy Flying Text Recognition Scanner Software
Elfinbook PDF Easy Flying Text Recognition Scanner Software
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Elfinbook PDF Easy Flying Text Recognition Scanner Software
This is your learning and office efficiency artifact. Scan files for cloud storage, efficient text recognition for office work, assisted memory with secret memory scanning, handwritten note taking for inspiration, easy management of your paper documents, and viewing and sharing anytime, anywhere.
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Elfinbook is easy to fly, this is your learning and office efficiency tool. Scan files for cloud storage, efficient text recognition for office work, assisted memory with secret memory scanning, handwritten note taking for inspiration, easy management of your paper documents, and viewing and sharing anytime, anywhere.

What problem has been solved?

Have you ever encountered a situation where various paper documents such as contract reports and invoices are always lost? Elfinbook helps you scan paper documents into electronic versions, manage them using folders, and organize them in an orderly and clear manner.

Have you ever encountered a boss giving a stack of documents to print out before work? Handed over to Elfinbook for easy flying, intelligent text recognition, long text that can be edited in seconds, essential for typing and typing.

Have you ever encountered taking notes, drafting, and sketching, feeling like a waste of paper? Use Elfinbook to record electronic handwritten notes, open up a new paperless learning and office experience, save paper, and protect trees from ourselves.

Have you ever encountered a waste of time during class, taking a lot of notes and flipping through pages and pages? In Elfinbook Easy to Fly, you can easily search for all the information, quickly search for notes, and get there with just one click.

What are the highlights of the features?

Scanner in pocket

Use a mobile camera to scan and take photos, automatically recognize document borders, remove cluttered backgrounds, generate high-definition images, and export PDF files. High quality scanning, multiple image processing modes, automatic optimization of images to obtain high-quality scanned images, comparable to high-performance scanners.


High accuracy OCR text recognition

A high-precision OCR recognition engine that extracts text from images with high accuracy and supports over 20 languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, and Russian. Batch text recognition, recognizing 30 images at once, with fast recognition speed. Proofread editing, one click copy of text, export of Word, TXT files& nbsp;

Electronic handwritten notes

Import PDF, annotate with a ballpoint pen or pen, and mark key points with a highlighter.

Create electronic handwritten notes to record your inspiration anywhere in the classroom, office, and home. Blank/horizontal line/grid/dot matrix paper, with multiple paper templates available. Supports Apple Pencil stylus for a sensitive and precise writing experience, just like writing on paper. Continuously enriched sticker library, adding to your notes.


Mnemonic scanning assisted memory

Highlight the key points drawn in the textbook, correct answers and explanations in the wrong question book, and explanations when memorizing words. Use the secret scanning function to automatically recognize hidden fluorescent pen content and assist in reviewing and memorizing.

Secure file management

Multilevel directory management documents, clear tree like folder management structure, clear and clear files at a glance. Application encryption, support for facial/fingerprint unlocking, and security management. Manage all your paper documents in a one-stop manner.

Automatic backup cloud synchronization

Files are automatically backed up and stored in the cloud. Mobile phone/tablet/computer, multi device cross platform, and always view management documents.

Unlock Premium Members

  • Infinite text recognition: High accuracy OCR text recognition, where large segments of text on images become text in seconds;
  • Batch text recognition: Batch extraction of text from multiple images;
  • Image to Excel: Identify image spreadsheets into Excel files for efficient office work;
  • Image to Word: Generate Word documents based on image recognition results for efficient office work;
  • Secret memory scanning: Hiding key content to assist in reviewing and memorizing;
  • 10G cloud space: Safe and secure storage in a large space, easy to view and share anytime, anywhere;
  • Unrestricted folders: unlimited in number and hierarchy, structured management documents;
  • Cloud Recycle Bin: Restore files within 30 days of deletion, no longer afraid of accidentally deleting data;
  • Member stickers: Add stickers to your handwritten notes and enjoy using them as much as possible;
  • More Membership Benefits

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