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Home Overview Hex Rays IDA Pro professional decompilation tool software
Hex Rays IDA Pro professional decompilation tool software
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Hex Rays IDA Pro professional decompilation tool software
IDA Pro is the flagship product of reverse engineering software provider Hex Rays. As an interactive programmable disassembler and debugger, IDA Pro provides excellent quality performance in the following aspects: different platforms and compatibility with many processors. IDA Pro has become a de facto standard for the analysis, vulnerability research, and commercial validation of malicious code.
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IDA Pro, as a disassembler, can create an execution map that displays the symbolic representation of binary instructions actually executed by the processor in assembly language. IDA Pro implements advanced technology that can generate assembly language source code from executable machine code and make these complex codes easier to read.

The debugging function has enhanced the dynamic analysis of IDA. It supports multiple debugging targets and can handle remote applications. Its cross platform debugging capability enables real-time debugging, making it easy to connect to local and remote processes, and supports 64 bit systems and new connection methods.

Computer license:Related to a specific computer and can be used by different end users on that computer, provided that only one user is active at the same time. This type of license is suitable for businesses as it is not related to specific personnel and facilitates license reassignment.

Naming license:Related to specific end users and can be used on the user's laptop and two desktop computers. For individual users, it is a reasonable choice, but it also applies to enterprises and universities where there is only one end user using the software.

Floating (or Network) License:It can be installed on an unlimited number of computers (within an organization), but only a limited number of replicas are allowed to run simultaneously.

Team License:Can be installed on an unlimited number of computers within an organization. The engineering team can work online or offline and merge their work when reaching important milestones, whether big or small. The vault server with team license can track all changes.

  • Interactivity

IDA Pro allows human analysts to overlay their decisions or provide hints, so that analysts can seamlessly and quickly use the disassembler and visually analyze binary code.

  • integration

IDA runs on all standard platforms and handles multiple processors. It can also load and disassemble almost any file format, thereby improving analysis speed.

  • Programmability

IDA Pro is a complete integrated development environment. It contains a very powerful macro like language (IDC or IDAPython) that can be used to automate tasks of simple to medium complexity.

  • Open plugin architecture

The functions of IDA can be easily extended through programmable plugins. The SDK is available for all registered IDA users to use.

  • Lumina server

The Lumina server stores metadata about many well-known functions (names, prototypes, operand types, etc.) and helps improve the disassembly list through user searches.

  • F.L.I.R.T

Fast library recognition and recognition technology can recognize many standard function calls from compilers. This technology enables IDA to recognize standard library functions generated by supported compilers and greatly improves the usability and readability of the generated disassembly.

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