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Home Overview MoDao Integrated Product Design Collaboration Platform Tool Software
MoDao Integrated Product Design Collaboration Platform Tool Software
MoDao Integrated Product Design Collaboration Platform Tool Software
Modao is an integrated online collaborative office platform for product design, integrating prototype design, online sketch designer tools, flowchart, and mind map. It supports real-time collaboration and management of team projects, financial level data security, and privatization deployment. It is an essential tool for designers, product managers, and technical development teams. Please note: For private deployment, purchasing fewer than 19 people requires a deployment fee of 12000 yuan.
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Online integrated product design collaboration platform, ink knife, makes product design simpler.

Easy to get started, fast design

A simple and easy to understand interface with rich materials that everyone can get started with, helping to quickly complete product design.

Convenient collaboration with one click delivery

Cloud editing, real-time collaboration, sharing and delivery, one-stop completion of work and communication, allowing people, things, and things to operate smoothly in the enterprise.

Make creativity happen anytime, anywhere

Not limited by venue, whether at home or in the company, or at coffee shops or stations, as long as there is an internet connection, creativity can be initiated without being limited by device systems.

Financial level security services

The 128-bit SSL protocol encrypts data transmission, AWS, and multi-level disaster recovery backup, ensuring data security and service availability. We no longer worry about data loss, but also support private deployment, exclusive servers, data encryption, and more secure; Exclusive access to cloud resources, fast and stable.

ALL IN Ink Knife

A product system to assist in integrated online collaboration of production, design, and research

  • prototype

Product design goes beyond speed

  • Design collaboration

Quick delivery of annotated cut images

  • flow chart

Process management One Picture Wins Wanyu

  • Mind mapping

A natural mind steward

Any question

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