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Home Overview PasteNow Mac clipboard synchronization management tool software
PasteNow Mac clipboard synchronization management tool software
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PasteNow Mac clipboard synchronization management tool software
A clipboard management tool that stores various temporary data such as text, links, images, and more. Easily manage your clipboard content, improving work efficiency and convenience. Easier and faster management and processing of your clipboard content, saving valuable time and making you work more efficiently.
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PasteNow is a clipboard management tool that can expand your clipboard from one copy to unlimited copies. By automatically saving all your clipboard data in the background, it changes the habit of daily use or recording temporary data, and improves work efficiency.

In the daily process of using computers, whether it's developers dealing with code, text workers processing text, or designers manipulating images, we often use the clipboard intentionally or unintentionally as a temporary data transfer station. By performing the two steps of 'copy' and 'paste', we can save and read data in this temporary space, completing the main process of using it.

It should be said that almost all users who use computers (as well as mobile phones) have used the clipboard. The clipboard is so practical that a joke from N years ago, 'Copy on computer A, paste on computer B', has become a reality today. The iCloud cloud clipboard has made it a reality to synchronize the clipboard between macOS and macOS, and even between macOS and iOS.


The two biggest features of PasteNow compared to other clipboard tools should be:

  • Supports multiple styles of views
  • Support for smart lists to filter data

Imagine when we use the clipboard in our daily lives to store text, images, and even code. These data are fundamentally different in presentation, so I designed several different styles of views for PasteNow: concise list, rich list, and grid view.

  • Concise list: Display plain text without the need for styled content
  • Rich List: Display content with styles (such as code highlighting)
  • Grid view: display multimedia content such as images

PasteNow supports creating various different lists and categorizing data into them. It also supports setting specific styles for different lists, so that the clipboard list is no longer a messy pile of data, but can also be categorized and organized.

And this' categorization 'is achieved through PasteNow's' smart list'. PasteNow's "smart list" is inspired by the smart mailbox of the email app. Through the smart list, you can filter clipboard data by format, creation time, relevant apps, and even whether it contains any text.

For example, if I often copy code blocks in Xcode and Visual Studio Code, I can create a smart list that automatically stores all the code blocks copied from these two apps for quick viewing and calling in the future.

In addition, PasteNow also has functions such as multi device data synchronization and shortcut key operation. The shortcut key operation allows you to use the keyboard with both hands, completing all functions such as viewing clipboard data, searching for clipboard data, and pasting corresponding data. It also has a unique independent window function that supports being placed at the top, making it very suitable for use in scenarios that require left and right reference.

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