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Splashtop Remote Support
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Splashtop Remote Support
Splashtop Remote Support uses the same high-performance engine to power award-winning consumer goods used by millions of people. Enjoy high-definition quality and fast connectivity.
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Unmanned Remote Access and Remote Support Solution for MSP

  • New! Flexible monthly package, supporting MSP business model.
  • There is no mandatory upgrade or chaotic pricing plan. Connect from any device anywhere.
  • Pay annually for the number of unmanned (terminal) computers. That's it!
  • This includes unrestricted technical personnel, concurrent sessions, and remote devices.
  • Compared to LogMeIn Central and other MSP remote support solutions, it can save up to 80% in costs.

SPLASHTOP REMOTE SUPPORT provides a powerful set of features for MSP

  • High performance

Splashtop Remote Support uses the same high-performance engine to power award-winning consumer goods used by millions of people. Enjoy high-definition quality and fast connectivity.

  • Accessing from any device

Windows workstations, Windows servers, Mac, and Linux computers can be remotely accessed from any Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device, or from any Chrome browser or Chromebook. Virtual machines and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) on software such as VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Windows, AWS, Azure, etc. can also be accessed from the same application.

  • Easy to deploy

Create your own deployment software package and send a link to your client for installation. Rapid large-scale deployment through MSI or EXE. Migrating from other remote solutions is easy! Migrate from LogMeIn to Splashtop | Migrate from TeamViewer to Splashtop.

  • Strong security

All remote sessions are protected by security features, including TLS and 256-bit AES encryption, device authentication, and two-step authentication. Connection, file transfer, and management events are all logged. Learn more about compliance with SOC 2, GDPR, and HIPAA standards.

  • User management and computer grouping

Invite technical personnel (as well as up to 50 end users in Remote Support Premium) and set their roles and access permissions. Allow access to specific computers. Divide computers into several groups to make it easier to find and manage them.

  • Deploy and manage BITDEFENDER ANTIVIRUS

Within Splashtop Remote Support, purchase, deploy, and manage Bitdefender anti malware security tools on hosted Windows computers. View protection status, last scan time, threat count, etc. The monthly usage fee is very low. Learn more.

These included features can increase your productivity

  • Many to many displays

View multiple remote screens simultaneously from a multi display system, including many to one and many to many. Even Mac's multi monitor!

  • file transfer

With our fast and secure connection, you can quickly transfer files. You can drag and drop files between computers, or transfer files without starting a remote session!

  • chat

Chat with users on remote computers within or outside the session.

  • Share my desktop

Broadcast the Windows desktop in view only mode through a simple web link, which can be viewed in almost all web browsers. No need to download applications or plugins.

  • Remote Reboot

Restart the remote computer from the Splashtop application or web console. Select normal or safe mode to restart.

  • Remote wake-up

Wake up the computer remotely. The target computer must support Wake On LAN and be connected through a LAN cable. And you must open another computer on the same network.

  • remote printing

Print files from remote computers to a local printer. There is no need to transfer files or fax printed documents. Simply select the desired file from the remote computer and immediately print it on the local printer.

  • Session recording

Record remote access sessions. Use the 'Screen Record' button in the remote access window to start and stop recording. All recordings are saved to the local computer.

  • Participation Support (SOS LITE)

Team owners and administrators share attended concurrent support sessions with Windows or Mac computers. Remote access is possible using a simple 9-bit session code. Order Splashtop SOS for more manned support features.

  • Two users entering a computer

Two members of the team can remotely access computers simultaneously.

  • View Only mode

During a remote access session, select 'View Only' in the session toolbar. This way, you can only view the activity on the computer and cannot remotely control it.

Monitoring and management functions

  • Configurable alerts

Set alerts to monitor computer status, software installation, memory usage, and more. Receive alerts through the Splashtop web console and/or via email.

  • Update Management

Maintaining Windows updates is crucial for security and performance. View, install, and schedule updates. Can be used for one to many operations.

  • Remote commands

Send the command line or terminal command to the Command Prompt of the remote Windows or Mac computer in the background. Can be used for one to many operations.

  • System Inventory

View and compare snapshots of Windows/Mac hardware and software inventory. View the change log. Download the system hardware and software inventory.

  • WINDOWS Event Alert

Monitor Windows event logs by setting alerts. When the conditions of the event log match the trigger set by the administrator, an alert will be generated.

  • view event log

By clicking on the gear icon next to the computer in the web console, you can quickly access the Windows event log. No need to remotely access the computer to view and troubleshoot faults.

  • One to many actions

Simplify terminal management by immediately executing tasks simultaneously or scheduling tasks to multiple endpoints. This includes large-scale deployment, remote commands, script execution, system restart, and Windows updates. Suitable for Windows and Mac.

  • Endpoint security status

View the endpoint security status of Windows computers running Bitdefender, Windows Defender, Kaspersky, and more. Ensure that your endpoint is protected.

  • Enable End User Remote Access Permissions

Create up to 50 end-user accounts and provide remote access to computers managed under your Premium account for these users. If you need to add more, please contact us.

  • Unattended ANDROID access

Remote access to Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, sturdy Android devices, POS devices, kiosks, and set-top boxes.

  • More Coming Soon

The upcoming feature plans include integration with other antivirus/anti malware software, system updates for Mac, viewing event logs, and availability of inventory reports.

  • Remote access to CHROMEBOOK

Start a remote desktop session with Chromebook using Android Streamer. View them anytime, anywhere (end users need to exist on Chromebook to accept remote sessions).

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