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Home Overview Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver
Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver
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Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver
Create a virtual serial port and connect in pairs through a virtual modem cable. Both applications will be able to exchange data in this way, and all data written to the first port will be displayed on the second port again and again.
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Virtual COM Port Driver creates a virtual serial port and connects in pairs through virtual modem cables. Both applications will be able to exchange data in this way, and all data written to the first port will be displayed on the second port again and again.

The working principle and behavior of all virtual serial ports are exactly like real ones, simulating all their settings. You can create as many virtual port pairs as needed, so there will be no serial port shorts or additional hardware occupying your desktop.

In addition, Eltima virtual serial port technology can be fully integrated into your own software (DLL, ActiveX, or Core level usage).

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO Function

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO is an efficient integrated software based on the "Virtual Serial Port Driver" feature. This program helps to create virtual serial port bundling and set custom port parameters, making this solution very suitable for various usage scenarios.

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO provides you with the ability to manage both actual and virtual COM ports in the most convenient and simple way possible.

Serial port segmentation

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO allows physical serial ports (such as COM 1) to be split into multiple virtual communication ports (COM2, COM3, COM4, etc.) that appear in the system, serving as precise copies of hardware serial interfaces. In addition, the software also provides for sharing hardware serial ports between multiple applications. Several serial port applications will be able to access the same COM port and devices plugged into it.

Combining COM ports

Software solutions will help you connect multiple virtual COM ports to a real physical port. Connect to this true COM port, and the serial application will simultaneously receive data from all connected virtual COM ports. Simply put, with this advanced feature, you can redirect data from multiple devices to one application.

Create bundled connections

The software PRO version provides this unique option that allows you to create and manage complex serial ports. This means that serial data can be passed in and out through an infinite number of physical and virtual COM interfaces. Received through the COM port on the "IN" end, serial data will be redirected to each COM port on the bound "OUT" end, and vice versa.

The above is the process of setting the main port for each end of the bundle (In/Out) to facilitate the management of hardware control lines.

Automatically switch ports

If your application is designed to use a limited number of ports, you can use the Switch (a special feature of Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO). This option allows you to connect multiple physical ports to a virtual port (you can choose to name all ports the same), and then create a switch to this virtual COM port in the desired application.

Whenever your program requires a serial port connection, the switch will detect unoccupied COM ports in the connection port list and provide them to the application. In this way, your program will automatically communicate with any idle serial port, as if it is always the same port.

Merge COM ports

The new advanced feature of Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO allows you to add any number of physical and virtual COM ports to a single serial port bundle that is not divided into "IN" and "OUT" ends. All content sent to a port will be copied to all other physical and virtual ports in the bundle. Due to this feature, each device/application can exchange data with multiple devices/applications simultaneously.

Virtual Serial Port Driver Main Features

Official User Manual:https://www.eltima.com/wiki/user-guides/vspd.html

Virtual COM Port Driver is the perfect solution for creating an infinite number of virtual COM ports, with complete and realistic serial port parameters and behavior.

Create any number of virtual COM ports

Virtual Serial Port Driver enables you to create an unlimited number of virtual serial ports. The ports created are in the "ports" group in Device Manager, which means that all the software and hardware they will be installed are visible and easy to identify. No actual hardware serial port is occupied.

Fully realistic simulation of port settings

The virtual port created by the Virtual Serial Port Driver is identical to the actual port. They simulate all true serial port settings and provide strict baud rate simulation and complete HandFlow control support. In addition, you can easily simulate serial line breaks (only authorized for standard versions and above). In addition, VSPD adopts advanced Windows kernel driver technology to ensure support for WDM, WMI, power management, PnP, and more. The Virtual Serial Port Driver is fully compatible with API COM and supports all Windows messages.

Manage all signal lines

Virtual serial port simulation created using Virtual COM Port Driver, supporting all standard hardware signal lines (DTR/DSR, RTS/CTS, RING, ERROR, DCD, etc.). In a real modem connection, the DTR of the local port is connected to the DSR and DCD of the remote port, and the RTS of the local port is connected to the CTS of the remote port. In addition, you can choose the loopback pin arrangement or create a custom (only authorized for standard versions and above) based on the hardware configuration.

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