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Home Overview YouXiao Calendar Windows Native Calendar Enhancement Tool Software
YouXiao Calendar Windows Native Calendar Enhancement Tool Software
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YouXiao Calendar Windows Native Calendar Enhancement Tool Software
Youxiao Calendar is a desktop calendar software with Win10/11 style, which has been improved and innovated on top of the built-in calendar in the Win system, retaining its simple interface and comprehensive display features. In addition, it has added over 20 practical functions. It mainly includes functional components such as perpetual calendar, festivals, solar terms, statutory holidays, overtime, compensatory leave, ticket grabbing, scheduling, weather, etc.
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Youxiao Calendar is a desktop calendar software with Win10 style, which has been improved and innovated on top of the built-in calendar in the Win10 system, retaining its simple interface and comprehensive display characteristics. In addition, it has added over 20 practical functions.

The Excellence Calendar is not only a calendar, but also an excellent time management tool.

Software features

Perfect seamless replacement for Windows system calendar

  • Seamless integration with the system time taskbar, no desktop space
  • Adopting the Win10 native style calendar main interface, using a non conflicting feeling
  • Perfect fit for high-definition screen, multi screen and taskbar in any direction
  • Windows Full Platform Support (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 32-bit/64 bit)

Enhanced perpetual calendar functionality

  • Display of information on lunar, lunar, solar terms, and holidays
  • Display of overtime/compensatory leave/ticket grabbing information during statutory holidays
  • Built-in scheduling assistant, can customize overtime and compensatory leave dates
  • Supports annual view and provides a comprehensive view of the calendar throughout the year

Powerful time management efficiency tools

  • Schedule reminder: allows you to better plan and control your time, supports the establishment of calendar/lunar calendar schedule reminders, and can choose multiple reminders/repetition methods
  • To-do list: enables you to efficiently complete the most important tasks, supports the use of list view/four quadrant view to view the to-do list, and can activate the tomato clock for each to-do item
  • Commemorative Housekeeper: Make sure you don't miss every memorable day, such as getting married, starting a job, pursuing a higher education, falling in love, etc
  • Clock in record: Record the past with data, summarize with charts
  • Birthday butler: No more missed birthdays for family and friends
  • Calendar subscription: One click subscription to the public calendar of webcal protocol, or the CalDav calendar of iCloud/nailing/QQ mailbox and other accounts can be synchronized with the superior calendar in both directions
  • Mobile platform: The Youxiao Calendar WeChat mini program has been officially launched, and the mobile end supports even more Youxiao. You can also add CalDav calendar accounts to achieve bidirectional synchronization with other calendar clients
  • Data synchronization: All data can be saved in the cloud and can be synchronized in real-time between multiple devices.

Powerful time utility

  • Time progress: By displaying time progress from different dimensions (today, this week, this month, this year, life), remind yourself to cherish time at all times.
  • Timing stopwatch: A professional millisecond level timing stopwatch that can be marked/paused during the timing process.
  • Timed tasks: Supports six major timed tasks (timed alarm clock, timed running program, timed exiting program, timed shutting down computer, timed restarting computer, and timed hibernation computer), and provides multiple timed modes (countdown, specified time, single task, and daily task).
  • Date calculation: provides two calculation methods: date interval and date calculation.
  • Good Day: One click to select good days within the date range, such as getting married, entering a house, etc.
  • On hour time reporting: Real person on hour voice time reporting, with customizable time intervals.

Powerful system utilities

  • Time proofreading: Network time synchronization, farewell to system time inaccuracies from now on.
  • Screenshot: A practical screenshot tool.
  • Desktop plugin: Supports six major desktop plugins (desktop calendar, desktop clock, desktop weather, desktop schedule, desktop to-do, and time progress) as well as unlimited desktop reminder days, fixed on the desktop with one click, integrated with the desktop.
  • Weather forecast: provides weather forecasts for the next 7 days.
  • Clock screensaver: Minimalist clock screensaver, supporting custom backgrounds and fonts.

Portable application, small size

  • Portable application: It can be used without installing (green version).
  • Small size: Small size, excellent performance, and no impact on system performance.
  • Three no software: no advertising, no pop-up, no push.
  • No need for networking: Core functions can be used without the need for networking.

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